About Off The wall Events

Off The Wall Events is a full-service company, which has served Florida since 2000. We have become the place that Florida turns to for all of their event needs.

We believe our personnel are a key ingredient to our success. Our personnel are friends, family, neighbors, teachers, teachers-aides and college students who have been trained and know how to make your event a fun and safe time. Upon request we will be happy to give you letters of recommendation. We have a sparkling reputation and would love to add you to our long list of satisfied clients. Please continue reading for more information about our Off The Wall Characters.

Kevin "The Boss" Banks

(Owner / Operator /All Around Good Guy)

When we say "The Boss" we'd like to be talking about Bruce Springsteen but that just isn't the case here. Living and working in South Florida since 1974. Kevin is a product of Florida schools, from Miami Dade College to University of Florida and graduation from Florida International University. Which makes him more then ready to take on every aspect of dealing with the South Florida Culture. Kevin's work experience comes from a corporate background starting at ADP, then to Information Technologies at Bank of America, into Sales and Support of Information Technologies, and finally to opening a branch office of Personnel Consulting Services. So he knows what it takes to make a good party because we all know that corporate America knows how to throw a party. He has chosen to trade in the suit and tie for shorts and sneakers, so that he could have the best of both worlds. To own his own company and the ability to throw parties all of the time. Involved not only in corporate endeavors Kevin volunteered and served as the advisory chairperson at his son's elementary school for three years. Kevin is often quoted (as per our cast of characters) as saying "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" so let it be said "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" enough about me.

Roni "Mom" Madden

(Owner / Operator / Wonder Woman) Roni is the Brains behind the company. The title of Wonder Woman says it all. Her logistic skills are second to none. It comes from the days where she dispatched fleets of vehicles and the management positions she has held in major corporations. She has also worked for a police department as a crossing guard where she did bike rodeos and finger printing/child identification kits at large events. She handles everything from scheduling people, directions to events, accounting, and management of customer service. Moreover, she is the mom to everyone. Whether it is putting a band-aid on a boo-boo of one of our guys or washing shirts left at our warehouse, she does it all, her lifelong love of children is evident. While her two children were in elementary school here in Florida, she volunteered for seven years with the PTA Board, which gives her a unique understanding of the client's side of event planning. Did we mention she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie?

Ricky "The Fisherman"

Ricky is currently attending college. A South Florida native, Ricky has a passion for the South Florida lifestyle. He is known for his love of fishing (and his girlfriend). We usually don't send Ricky on jobs anywhere near water because he carries his fishing pole with him and we need him to work. Ricky is one of those go-to-guys and we certainly have gone to Ricky on more then one occasion.

Alain "The Animal"

No, it's not what your thinking. He is safe to put in front of kids. We have seriously thought of booking him as a one-man petting zoo. "The Animal" makes noises reminiscent of Jim Cary. Alain is a hard working albeit funny kind of a guy. If he's not working he's working out or playing football.

Mr. Soccer Fever Himself Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a self-proclaimed soccer addict. When we put out our soccer fever interactive Rodrigo is the only person allowed near it (with the exception of the clients). When he is not working or playing soccer Rodrigo has been known to attend college.

Paul "The Perfectionist"

If the Extreme Insanity Obstacle Course isn't rolled just right, its Paul to the rescue. He will fix it. He is the man with the skills. When he isn't with us he's perfecting his future in school.

Greg "Cowboy"

He seems quiet but he has some strong opinions on country music and living in the wild. When he isn't riding the mechanical bull working or going to school, you can find him out sporting a cowboy hat and boots.

Jerome "The Lawman"

Although we think he is more like Usher, Jerome plans to join a police department somewhere in Florida when he completes his degree. He will be our second police officer to grace our organization.

Alex "Tiny"

We are confident you will see Alex in the NFL in a few years. He is big and fast, and when not on the playing field quite friendly. We hope he eventually plays in South Florida (not that were looking for tickets or anything). Alex will be our second person to play in the NFL.

Jocki "Miss Cotton Candy"

Picture to Come When she isn't working for the Broward County School system (15+ years), she can be found spinning the best cotton candy around. She is the mom to a college graduate and a middle school student. You couldn't ask for a better neighbor as well.

"Smiley" Anderson

Picture to Come Anderson has a smile and an attitude that can brighten your day. Always polite, he has a full ride scholarship to Florida International University. Don't let his politeness full you though; he's hiding a six-pack under his shirt.

Quinn "Probee"

She is one of our newest additions but she is turning out to be a great all around person. Straight off the softball field Quinn steps up to bat and does airbrush tattoos as well as office work that keeps us in contact with you our clients. Also a full time student she is one very busy lady.

Miss Pam "The Snow Cone Lady"

Pam can and does it all. She works full time as a special needs teacher for Broward County Schools, she sews, she bakes, and makes a mean snow cone, airbrush tattoo or anything else we ask of her. She is also a mother of twin boys that have also worked with us for years.

Christopher "Atlas"

With a full ride scholarship to a University in Oklahoma. Chris has decided to stay near home and help out his family. So now he is going to school full time and working with us.

Bobby "The Dancing Man"

Bobby has one of those infectious personalities. He's been with us on and off for the past ten years. You'll know Bobby is on your site because when the music starts you will find him doing a dance in front of one of the pieces. He can handle anything we throw at him.

Ronnie "The Wrestler"

Ronnie wrestles for his school team. Ronnie just wants to jump right in and help, a team player. Weather it is the Flying Teacup Ride or WipeOut Ronnie is right there to help setup or breakdown the ride.

Off The Wall Events Cast of Characters from the Past (More to Follow)

Work Opportunities/Help Wanted

Do you enjoy working with people? Do you love the outdoors and working with your hands? Do you want to have fun working ? Are you a leader? Do you want to wear shorts to work? If so, then there are opportunities at Off The Wall Events. Scheduling is extremely flexible. Great starting pay. Call us at (954) 986-6906 or email us at: info@OTWE.com for more information.